Monday, October 3, 2011

I did N.O.T!

I did NOT sit in the waiting room
for 20 minutes with one child,
(while the rest of my kids were in school)
waiting for his name to be called -

only to have the nurse call out brothers name.
(the brother who was at school.)


I did NOT get one child out of school early to
go to an orthodontist appointment,
only to find out when we arrived that 
we were 24 hours late.


I did NOT serve my children popcorn
 for dinner the other night,
just because I was too lazy to bring them all inside
 from the beautiful weather and fun,
non-argumentative time we were having outside!


I did NOT serve dessert first -
just to keep the littles settled at the table while I
finished making dinner.

'cause you see -
I have IT all together!


Kim K. said...

I LOVE this post. It's just perfectly honest. So glad to know that I'm not the only one who considers popcorn to be dinner.


Sharon said...

It's easy to discouraged some days by all of the things that seem to go wrong-especially when everyone else seems to have it together! Thanks for being real here (and giving me a laugh this morning). And by the way, we eat popcorn for meals here, too. :)

Jay said...

Popcorn is definitely a step (or two) up from injerra!

Meggan said...

Every Sunday night growing up we would have popcorn,chunk cheese and homemade milkshakes.... We now do that with our kiddos. You do what you have to. Good job.. Hang in there!


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