Friday, October 14, 2011

Figuring things out!

I have had bloggy friends and real life friends 
inquire on my absence from bloggy land,
and social activities lately-
well, I suppose it is time to come clean.
As I haven't been able to earlier, 
because I hadn't figured it out -
not that I have "it" figured out now,
but thought I would share anyway. 


I remember welcoming Brady and Kenze home from their first missionary trip 
to Guatemala a few years ago. 
They were so excited to share about their adventures,
the people they met,
the things they did. 

I loved hearing their stories,
but a few days later,
when pictures had been shared and stories had been told,
Brady started to pull away. 
He wasn't his happy go lucky self anymore. 

He missed longed for Guatemala,
he missed his new friends,
he missed the simplicity of life and 
how people were thankful for the little things 
that they had received. 
It took a while for Brady to work through these emotions
and to let God use them for His will in his life.


I am also going through a bit of this I believe.
I am so thankful that our boys are home and doing so wonderfully well.
But, when Donovan cries because he misses his friends,

I cry too. 

I miss his friends.

I miss sitting on the steps of the orphanage
with a bottle of lotion and have the 
children cheer for me as they put out their arms and legs 
for me to massage lotion on them.

I miss singing with them.
I miss playing frisbee with them
and how I wish I could do more.

So after talking with a friend today,
I don't think I am suffering from PADS (post adoption depression syndrome)
but is there a post mission trip depression syndrome?


Shonni said...

Poor thing! I am so sorry. I felt like this (and still do at times) after we came home from our trip to Uganda. It’s like there is a part of me still there, and I miss it.

Brad and/or Bree Banks said...

There is certainly an adjustment when coming back from a mission trip. I went on a short-term trip to Belize MANY years ago (in college) and in our training it was something we talked about: how we would find many things about our culture really disturbing, even disgusting, when we returned. Life was so simple there, and people had so little that we seem like such gluttons by comparison. I think it's totally normal to feel somewhat down after such a mountaintop experience on a mission/adoption trip. Hang in there and keep trusting the Lord as you have been doing!

DaysinFrisco said...

I'll just send out some hugs and keep you in my prayers . . . you do so much - really, take a step back and marvel at YOU!! Your heart is HUGE and I know God had you leave a little bit in Africa for those boys who need it . . . he is still working on getting all those little ones to their families. HUGS, HUGS, HUGS


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