Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pieces of a puzzle

Ever feel like some puzzle pieces don't fit?

Every struggle to make something fit?
But it just feels like your putting a square peg 
in a round hole?

Well, sometimes that is the world of adoption -
this feeling comes around often.
Deciding to enter into an adoption,
the "match",
meeting your child,
bonding your new family,
growing together as

Though it feels like things might not come together -
God has a plan.
A plan for all involved.
A plan that HE may not share with us immediately,
but if we are willing to lean on HIM,
and let HIM lead,
then HE will. 
 Because He loves the orphan,
and HE loves family!


Shonni said...

Perfect encouragement this morning!!!

Courtney said...

I needed this encouragement. Thanks for sharing!


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