Sunday, October 16, 2011

School pics, or NOT!

This year we choose not to purchase school photos.
and instead take photos at home! 

And guess what,
I'm so glad we did! 

isn't he a stud!

Even little brother wanted in on the action! 

Now if I could get the big kids cleaned up and smiling at the same time -
no, that is too much to ask!


Sherri said...

awesome photos!! I choose to do the same thing...after years of buying them, the prices these days - are just not reasonable at all...took my own. I guess I got use to getting them for FREE - years of volunteering on picture day!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness Jodi! These are amazing... and they are SO beautiful!!! GREAT job... and now next year, we may also do something different! ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh girl! What a BEAUTIFUL Family!! Good move on the school pics! These are much better!

Valerie said...

These are fantastic, and all the kids look healthy, happy,and beautiful.

Where do you find the time to do it all???

I'd love 1/10th the energy/drive you have to get er done.

I miss you.

Love V

Kim K. said...

Such precious pictures of your sweet kiddos. Definitely better than school pics.

EJF said...

You did a great job with the photos. They are so cute! We always take our own photos too and we like them so much better than the school photos.

Kathy said...

Love, love, love the photos!!!
Beautiful children!!!


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