Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sunday snapshot: Lost Bet!

This summer, for 8 weeks,
Brady is  serving at a Christian camp in Colorado,
this last week he was on Program Staff.

And to encourage and challenge 
the campers,
he made a bet with them.

And guess what?

 Brady lost!

Each week the campers are challenged to 
memorize Bible verses
and participate in positive events 
during the week,
and in turn they earn patches.

This week there were 68 campers
 Brady challenged them -

"If 55 campers earned patches he would get a mohawk"

And now they have God's word memorized
 in their hearts!

And my son 
has the campers names written on his head!
(in Sharpie!)

This week Brady will be counseling Grade School boys,
praying that he doesn't scare them!

Ni Hao Yall


Anonymous said...

awesome! lovin' the cut and the color! fun times! oh to be young enough to make such a crazy bet! so thankful for the memorized verses... and i'm sure he'll be thankful when the sharpie disappears! =)

Jennifer and Greg said...

You can't get mad at him for this one!
What can he bet the next group?
Keep us updated!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. SO stinking cool : ) I LOVE it : )
I will pray for him. Camp counselors are awesome!

Kim K. said...

That's simply fantastic. He certainly gets into his role. Awesome pics.

The Payne Family Blog said...

That is awesome!!!! What a good sport!


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