Saturday, July 9, 2011

She's 15!

Can't believe my Angel Baby is 15!
I am amazed at what a beautiful young lady 
she is growing into.

She is very talented,

she sings,

she is athletic,

she is funny,

and sometimes moody. 

She is a sweet sister,
she is caring,

she loves Jesus.

She is a loyal friend,

and a dear daughter!

 I love you beautiful daughter of mine!


Jay said...

Happy Birthday, Kenzie. You are such a joy!

Kim K. said...

Birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter! Spoil her lots!!

Sherri said...

and she also had beautiful eyes! Happy 15th Birthday to Kenzie

Can't believe my little guy will be 11 in two weeks.

Shannon said...

She is beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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