Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday celebration!

Two of Kenzie's friends had planned an entire day of fun 
for her 15th birthday,
and they let us hang with them for a bit too!
(Course it helped that mom had the credit card)

Our first stop was breakfast at Panera Bread
(Kenzie loves the cinnamon rolls)

and then off to the mall -
Kenzie wanted to get her ears pierced,
and so did her little sisters!

Jailyn went first.

Then Jorja.

Then the birthday girl!

No tears,
only smiles at the end -

oh, and Jailyn had to call Daddy to
tell him that she didn't cry!

The big girls took off for their day at the mall -

only to meet up with us later 
for Kenzie's ssshhhhhhh surprise party!

The girls and I ran our errands and got home to join
the men of the house in cleaning and decorating the house 
for the party!

(Kenzie made her own cake - pretty awesome job!)

Her friends arrived -
and soon 

Kenzie did too -

the surprise was a success!!!

and they partied into the night!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
 Thanks Courtney and Morgan for organizing
this special day
for Kenz!


Alyson said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday for a special lady! Happy birthday, Kenzie!

Jay said...

Great job on the cake, Kenz! You are so talented.

Kim K. said...

What a fabulous birthday. A surprise party on top of pierced ears and mall shopping. How fun!! Such a beautiful young lady.

Heather BT said...

Arrgh, I have been so horrible as a blog buddy, I haven't been here for ages :( just Fb!
I TOTALLY missed your trip for your boys, I kept waiting to see something on FB, but I must've missed it.
I must go back months and read about it!

Valerie said...

When did that little bud bloom?

Happy Birthday to both of you lovely ladies.

I love J & J's ears too....I may have to cave and get Aubriana's done too.

So great to see you Sunday, thank you for being a wonderful "Aunt Jodie".

Love Valerie


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