Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bedtime heartbreak!

We hadn't had a night like this in a looooong time,
okay, so they have only been home for 4 weeks -
so I guess it's technically not "a looooong time",
but we have had such good nights 
this one snuck up on me.

Everything was fine,
getting ready for bed was easy and fun,
story time was fun and quiet,
bedtime prayers were sweet,
and everyone got into bed -
no problem.

Then Donovan started this moaning thing he does 
when he is upset.
(no tears just moaning)

When he gets in these moods it is hard to 
talk to him,
so I finally got him to come to me
and was able to get out of their bedroom and hold him,
and rock with him.
He just curled up in my arms.
(Donovan likes his personal space! 
So I was very surprised that he allowed this and didn't fight back)

He continued his moaning for about 5 minutes,
I kept asking him what was wrong 
and that he needed to tell me so I could help.

After a bit of silence,
I asked him again.

This time he began naming his friends from the orphanage,
M, Z, A, T, L.
(I'm unable to print their real names due to privacy laws)

Ohhhhh it broke my heart!
He had one little tear rolling down his cheek.
My sweetie is missing his friends -
some we will see -
in fact, one we will see in a few weeks - he's coming home to Texas! 
But 4 of them do not have families waiting to bring them home.

Of course, I began to cry too.
Needless to say we cuddled and cuddled 
and cuddled some more! 
Oh his precious little heart!
as we settled in and our hearts calmed -
Donovan turned to me and said,

"I love you Momma."
and sweetly kissed my cheek.

Ohhh sweet boy! 


Naomi said...

Transitions, even single ones always take a span of time. But your many transitions, never all at once. I believe God is helping him to process a bit at a time. There will be more transitions to come.

I am so thankful your kids have your whole family to support them.

Thank you for sharing this, Jodi!

Jay said...

What a sweet, sensitive boy. And his momma is pretty great too. So glad he is talking about what he is moaning about. How huge is that?

Brad and/or Bree Banks said...

So sorry your sweet boy is hurting and missing his friends. I hope he'll keep that tender heart, and will pray for his friends, as we pray for them as well. I hope he'll feel loved by new friends as well. So glad you were able to cuddle him and share in his time of sadness.


Kim K. said...

It's heart-breaking. I'm glad he's able to share his concerns/sadness with you. That's a huge transition. Big (((hugs))) to your sweet boys.


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