Monday, July 18, 2011

Donovan and The Pink Flamingos!

We were blessed with a visit from our friends
from Oklahoma.

And 'cause it is sooo stinkin' hot in Texas -
there is nothing else better to do 
then go to the pool.

Jorja and Jailyn had a blast with Kaylin 
Donovan had a blast with 
his posse!

They were teaching him to jump in! 

or belly flop like Jailyn likes to do!
(The girl can get some air!)

Nothing like some fun girls to help Donovan learn to trust his water wings!

Sweet Kaleb and Elijah had fun playing in the little pool!

This is as close as I could get to them with the camera,
these two are fast.

But I did get some cute photos of them separately... 

We are so thankful for the bloggy world 
as that is where we first met this beautiful family!
Thanks for coming to see us Mark and Anita
Love y'all!
(and next time we'll get a photo of the adults!)


Kim K. said...

How fun that you get to spend some precious time together again with Anita's family.

Anita said...

Oh I LOVE this post title! It was PERFECT!! Can't wait to see you again my friend. Love ya'll too!


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