Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All new food!

We get a lot of questions about how our boys are doing 
when it comes to trying new food,

they have tried everything from 

chicken nuggets,
(real nuggets and McD's)

and french fries,
mac and cheese (with ketchup),
Ramon Noodles (Jorja and Jaiyn's favorites!)
and lots of birthday cake!
(in 3 weeks they have participated in 4 birthday celebrations)

and even -

oranges with ketchup
(needless to say - Donovan has learned that when 
Kenzie and Momma say -
they are usually correct!)

They have eaten everything and usually ask for seconds.

But their favorite -

ice cream!
And who can blame them!

especially when topped with m&m's!


Naomi said...

Oranges with ketchup?
Ooooh. It'll take me a while to wrap my brain around that.

I find it so interesting about the things we all take for granted that are new experiences for your children (including Jorja and Jailyn).

Did you really post this at 2:40am?? If so, I hope you sleep better tonight!

Have a great day....I am off to ponder oranges with ketchup. : )

Shonni said...

It looks like they are enjoying their new experiences...I hope and pray my two do well also when they come home.

Jodi said...

@Naomi - I know - pretty gross!
And us I was up that early - dumb dog! :)

@Shonni - praying you get to bring your kids home soon and praying that God is already preparing them for their transition! Only God!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Too funny -- A and A both LOVE Ramen Noodles (noonels, as Ally says)! Ally also loves ketchup!


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