Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Elijah Wudase

Our three year old - 

Our cuddle monster!

Our crazy kiddo!

Is always on the go.

But when rocked in Momma's arms,
he falls asleep before I can
sing one verse of,
"Jesus Love Me"

I'm smitten!

We were told that his Ethiopian name, Wudase,
means "God's prize"

 I agree!

Ni Hao Yall
Unknown Mami


Pam said...

Cute little boy. Three year olds are busy.

Marianne said...

what an amazing smile!!!!!

Unknown Mami said...

His smile is breathtakingly beautiful.

Jennifer said...

His smile is just precious! said...

He is SO beautiful.
I'm visiting from SIMC.
Happy new week.

Martha said...

Love the name meaning!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Loved this post-- It actually made me tear up with joy. You have a beautiful family and your little guy is adorable.
Happy SIMC, jj

Anita said...

I am SOOOO glad we got to see that sweet smile in person, Jodi! And his name...absolutely a God prize to your whole family! ;)

Merrill said...

Looks like he really enjoys playing in the water! What a winning smile!

toi said...

That dimple when he smile steals the heat :). Great fun at the pool :).


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