Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 in Ethiopia

Thank you for following with us as we back-tracked
through our trip to bringing our boys home,
we are thankful to finally have them home.
Sorry for the long posts - but it was the only way I could get caught up.
Tomorrow we will be back to normal length posts! 
~ phew!

Our last day in Ethiopia, bittersweet.  We were all ready to get going,
get home and begin our new life.
And get some sleep! 

Uncle JB and I were dying for a Big Gulp of Diet Coke,
with ice!
(sometimes it's the simple things in life)

We were ready to let the boys run -
without being nervous of where they would run off too.

I had been feeling sick -
but God was good, as always, and blessed me with extra energy as
we packed and got ready for our long flights back home!

We had a scheduled lunch at the orphanage
so we waited in our room until it was time to leave.

Hours trying to entertain the boys -
they got a bit rough and unruly and ended up in time out.
But after time out - they did great again.

We went to visit the orphanage and staff for lunch.
It was nice to be able to ask some questions.

We were disappointed that the other kids were in for nap time,
so we didn't get to give out any more hugs or kisses.
And the boys didn't get to say good-bye to anyone.

After lunch Donovan and Elijah were ready to go -
so we left and got ready for our flight out.

Our flight that ended up leaving 2 1/2 hours late.

Donovan was exhausted.

Our Energizer bunny kept going and going!

They did great on the flight - sleeping the first 5 hours
and then they both slept again throughout the 17 hour flight.
They played nicely and loved the airplane food. 

42 hours after getting to the Addis Ababa airport we finally touched down in Dallas!
Ohhhh so good to be home!!!

And we have come full circle on our trip
to Ethiopia and bringing our boys home!

Day 6 in Texas

Jorja and Jailyn had dental check-ups today so we brought
Donovan with us to introduce him to Dr. Scott.
He is such a sweet man!

All three of them did such a great job that we went 
back home to pick up Kenzie, Conner and Elijah 
and decided to introduce them to McD's! 

I think they liked it!

No arguments when it was time to go home
and nap time for all!
Mom and all four littles camped out on their bedroom floor -
3 out of 5 of us feel asleep
(Jorja, Elijah and Mom!)
but we all got some much needed rest!

Then it was time for dinner, 
then Conner's soccer practice and play time 
at the splash pad at the practice fields! 
Gotta keep my energizer bunny going, going, going! 

So that he will crash!!! 



Alyson said...

I am LOVING the updates from the trip! I'm so glad you did them detailed like this! Can't wait to meet your boys...I'm very impressed with all the great activities you come up with for the littles to do! Maybe we can get together next Wednesday? Let me know what time would work for you all!

Jay said...

Thanks for all the pics. It is fun to see the smiles on the boys as they experience all of these new things with their family. Amesegenallo.

Kathy said...

Loved reading all your posts
from your trip! Beautiful pictures
and smiles! Thanks for sharing.


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