Saturday, July 2, 2011

What in the world?

Many times we have been asked,
"What in the world are we doing?"
"Why do you think you need to adopt again?"
But, when God called to us again,
and showed us the faces of our boys -
we knew we had to be obedient and follow God's leading.

And you know what?

God has once again -
blessed us for taking this leap of faith.

God has supplied our every need.

He has not given us anything we can not handle.

He has made things easy on us!

Our boys are doing great!

Our first week home as a family has been amazing -
they have explored the house,
enjoyed playing toys,
enjoyed experiencing new activities.

Very few time outs,
very few temper tantrums.

Only God could have put our family together in this way.
And we are so thankful that He prepared 
our entire family!


Anita said...

Praise God, Praise God!! Only HE can put our families together in such an amazing way!! LOVE the pics of the kids, too! BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see them in person!!

Kim K. said...

I'm so happy for your family, Jodi. This is just wonderful to see how happy your sons are doing. We're home and digging out from beach sand and dirty laundry. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend! Be sure to take lots of pics!!

Kathy said...

I so relate to this post!
We truly have been blessed for
taking the leap of faith and following
where He leads! God is so good!
Love the pics!

Valerie said...

Well, G*d and YOU, the amazing she woman.

I'm so glad the boys are feeling their family so well. Of course I want to be in your family, but your don't adopt grown ups (do you?)

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Love V


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