Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 5!

Day 5 in Ethiopia

To be honest I can't remember what we did on our 5th day in Ethiopia.
It was a rough day!

I know that I spent most of the day in tears.

Tears that my boys were so overwhelmed by 
everything changing in their lives that 
it made having fun with them difficult.

Tears the they would be leaving their home country, and 
all they know the next day.

Tears for their bio-logical father.
Though he didn't know his boys were leaving tomorrow -
he must be grieving for them.

Tears that we'll never know what happens to him
or my boys 2 biological brothers.

Tears for this little guy.

No schooling, just trying to make ends meet.

Tears for my older friends at the orphanage who may 
end up shining shoes like this boy in a few years when 
they age out of the system.

Tears that I want to go home with my boys and
start our new life. 
Tears of joy when I finally decided separate baths were the way to go!

Thank you Jesus for lives of these precious boys!

Day 5 in Texas!

Can't believe our boys have only been home for 5 days!
They are doing great!

They love the neighborhood pool!

And during Elijah's naptime throw things down the stairs, time.

Play-doh sounded like a great idea!

Great for sibling bonding!

And then we received visitors!
Visitors who are awaiting their Embassy clearance for their little treasure in 

Ohh it was such a sweet visit!
Thanks guys! I needed that!

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