Friday, July 22, 2011

How is the boys English?

We have actually been amazed at Donovan and Elijah's English.

Donovan especially.

Their comprehension of English is incredible!

They both love to mimic us -
which is great as they learn,

We often hear different phrases
from them just out of the blue like...

"Jailyn, NO"

"Jorja be sweet."

"Momma you no funny."

"Sasha come on" 

"No sir"

and of course,
lyrics like...

"We're gonna rock and roll all night... and party everyday."

"I whip my hair back and forth."

and many more I just can't think of right now -
must be the load of laundry I'm looking at that is distracting me.

We have been doing a lot of reading to the boys,
though they are not always interested in sitting for story time,

they do need to stay in the room -
that way I know they are hearing it,
and they usually sit back down to enjoy the story.

So yesterday we decided it was time for
a trip to our public library. 

Jorja and Jailyn had a great time,
Elijah was a good boy and sat in the stroller  
(thank you Jesus!)
and Donovan was a bit over whelmed but was excited to walk out with a book,
now the hard part is in a few weeks when we have to return the book. 

We also ran into some friends,
teachers from our elementary school and a former speech pre-school teacher of Jailyn's.
I sooo needed to run into these special people!
What encouraging ladies! 
Thank you girls!

We have been working with Donovan and Elijah to answer when spoken to-
a cultural difference.
Donovan especially, will practice the sentences
"My name is Donvan."
"I am 6 years old."
He is getting closer to answer these questions when asked -
but a bit apprehensive.
After we meet friends and then leave them, he spends the next 30 minutes
practicing his sentences.
He'll answer someone soon - I just know it!

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Tena said...

Good to see you two days in a row!! Love that!


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