Thursday, July 28, 2011

And... she's off!

Challenged by a neighbor girl 
who told Jorja a few months ago 
that if she is 7 years old,
she shouldn't need training wheels anymore.

So Jorja's bike has sat like this since then -

but last night -
we braved the weather
(it's stinkin' hot!)
(and we can now trust the boys a bit more to stay within
the confines of our front yard and nearby neighbors.)

and Jorja is now doing this!

and this

and ohhhhhhhh soooooo much of this!

 These are but a memory of her childhood!

Way to go Jorja!


Kelley said...

It was so bittersweet for me when Preston lost his training wheels. So proud of him, but so reluctant to see him growing up so fast.

Congratulations Jorja!

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

that's great!

Jay said...

Go Jorja! So excited for you!

Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Way to go, Jorja!

Sherri said...


Chris said...

Yes, way to go!!!

My 6 1/2 year old shutters at the thought of riding her two-wheeler without training wheels.....

Martha said...

Way to go! Excited for her reaching this new milestone! woo hoo!


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