Friday, July 29, 2011

A boy and his helmet!

Ya' know -
you only get your first bike helmet once.

And Donovan has hardly taken his off since we purchased it 2 days ago! 

He even wore it to Jailyn's gymnastics class.

Such a sweet thank you!

Elijah loves his too!
(look mom no hands or feet!)

And we are thankful the boys 
have learned what a "sidewalk" is and that they are
to stay out of the street,
 so well that we can play in the front yard,
with our bikes and scooters,
and get our "new" bikes in working order for the boys
(put training wheels on Donovan's bike!)

and Conner decided to do some hangin' with his peeps...

and do some planking!

Ohhhh happy summer days! 

1 comment:

Jay said...

Seriously. Could your family be any cuter?


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