Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Price check on aisle 3!

Real life is not everything you see in our fun 
photos of our days at the pool,

or days doing craft projects,

or just playing "A-BOOMA"
(monster in Amheric)
which is sooo fun to do with big brothers and sisters!

Real life can be scary,
and uncertain.

But our boys have been amazing,
their trust in us is incredible.

We have had a few days where we needed to run errands -
which is never fun,
but 6 kids vs. 1 adult...
really, this sounds like a nightmare.
(and I say 6 kids, because my eldest is still in Colorado, sniff! sniff!)

and though Kenzie and Conner are "big" kids -
they are still kids -
and enjoy playing bumper cars with the shopping carts,
while this entertains the little ones,
it scares the other shoppers to death!

Yesterday we did some school supply shopping at W@lmart.
Since shopping for 6 school kids I thought I would get an early start, 
giving me time just in case there was a melt down from someone
and we didn't get to finish in one day.
But let me tell you,
the boys were great! 
Elijah is one crazy boy, always on the go -
but he LOVES riding in a shopping cart or stroller!
and Donovan is willing to look around,
but stays within limits of mom! 
And well, it helps when there is a price scanner near by so every item can be 
re-scanned by Donovan, Jailyn and Jorja! 

"Price check on Aisle 3"

Wish I had photos! 

But really we are all doing so much better
then I ever thought we would be doing with
only a month into our "new normal".

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers!
Keep them coming,
transitioning from fun summer months to
our scheduled school year is quickly approaching.


Kim K. said...

Don't even say the "S" word. I'm not ready to think about school yet. I can't blame you for getting a head-start though on supplies. Continued blessings and prayers for all your kiddos, Jodi.

Kelley said...

I love that your family is bonding and loving on each other. Such a blessing.


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