Wednesday, July 20, 2011

someone please tell me -

I think I've heard some where,

that it's okay,

if your house is dirty,

as long as your children are happy.

Please someone tell me 
this is true!
It'll make me feel much, much better!

I hope that my child, looking back on today,
remembers a mother who had time to play.
Children grow up when you're not looking,
there will be years ahead for cleaning and cooking.

So hush now cobwebs, dust - go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby cos babies don't keep.


Kristi said...

when my oldest was born, my great-aunt said she was only going to give me 1 piece of advice "Hold your babies as long & as often as you can - housework can wait. Play with your kids as long & as often as you can - housework can wait. Kiss & hug your kids as long & as often as you can - housework can wait." I still have this card on my bathroom mirror (oldest is almost 12).

Naomi said...

Without question!
You and your husband are managing allm kinds of transitions this summer.

Ethiopian boys to understand culture and life in Texas.

Texas siblings to learn how to welcome and secure the boys as well as what they still need to trust and learn.

Older kids welcoming much younger kids, and of course the younger boys adjusting to having sisters, brothers...some close in age and some not.

I'd say that makes very very valid the reason for not having a clean house!

And when you do clean it, the boys will learn about that, too!

Your time is being spent exactly where it should, and I mean that sincerely!

Diane said...



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