Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 4

Day 4 Ethiopia

Today our day was spent waiting on the boys Visa's.
We relaxed a bit knowing that Embassy was over,
and the boys were truly ours!
No more drama,
Well, no more drama on the paperwork front!

But there is always drama when dealing with 2 little boys
who have just had everything in their little lives change.
Breakfast is usually an issue -
until they get food in their tummies,
trusting us when we are going somewhere is always rough.

They do great when we are in the van,
but getting them into the van...
well, let's just say - there's drama. 

And who knew -
they wouldn't like shopping!
I had ordered some coasters and a basket from Salem's Place 
(FYI some call it Salem's Place, some call it Salem's -
website calls it Salem's. Not all locals know where it is -
but their address and map are on their website.)
when we were out for Court -
so we HAD to go back!

Elijah is happy to run anywhere,
but Donovan, was not happy to be there. 

It took us a while to get through with our purchases but Uncle JB to the rescue again -
played with the boys at Salem's Place.

I love Salem's Place! 
A must go for any adoptive families!

The hotel desk personal told us about this wonderful park,
The Africa Park.
We went to check it out and let me tell you -
it is wonderful!!!

Look at these smiles! 

Pretty wonderful!!!!

We wished we would have known about this earlier -
we would have spent all week here!!!

Ohhh how we loved this park!!!


Day 4 in Texas
Elijah is my early riser.  
He comes downstairs, a smile on his face and ready to play with his toys.

Today I was ready for him -
all showered and dressed - so we headed to the grocery store,
just the two of us!
It was lovely! 
Singing ABC's through the aisles,
and he pointed at everything speaking in Amheric.

We got home and fed breakfast to everyone,
and then I had to go to the Dr for my shot of energy  B-12 shot.
I took Jorja, Donovan and Elijah.
Donovan wasn't in a good mood today -
but he did better then another Lil' Miss' first time to visit the Dr office -
so he got a sticker,
so did Elijah.
Jorja felt very proud to pick out stickers for them. 
I love how patient our Dr's office is!

Today was a pretty low key day -
just hangin' playing at home,
getting nap time in -
and then getting Jailyn to her first gymnastics class 
(which will have to be a blog post of it's own)
and Conner's last touch-football game of the summer,
(also, worthy of it's own post.)

Making our own pizza's for lunch was fun for the girls,

the boys...
they didn't understand why I was making them
make their own lunch,
and then taking it away to cook -

but once they tasted it -
they were so happy!

Lovin' gettin' to know my boys!


Sherri said...

awesome pictures on the pizza it!

Jodi said...

I agree Sherri - my Conner took them! He did a great job didn't he! :)


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