Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DAY 3 Ethiopia and Texas!

Day 3 Ethiopia

Bright and early!!!
Elijah woke up with his adorable smile flashing at me at 5am!
He crawled into my bed and laid with me til 6'ihs.
Then Donovan woke -
singing songs! 
Oh what a blessing!

As they wanted to run around the rooms we decided 
a bath was in order.
Ohhhh my lands!
There are no pictures because it was total chaos!
They stood outside of the tub playing and splashing in the water -
screaming when I would ask them to get in.
(sorry family who were trying to sleep in the room below us)

Finally they got in.
But, they wouldn't sit down. 
They were just laughing and laughing! 

Though they scared me to death -
whenever they would touch the faucet they would turn it on

I was able to to lather them up! 
and finally rinse them off! 
They finally agreed to sit down -
and then more splashing began!

They were hilarious!!!

Then Elijah decided it would be fun to stand up, jum and land on his butt. 
Ohhh he thought is was so fun! 
And of course, 
Donovan wanted to join in!
Mom had to pull the plug!
This momma was not sure where to find an ER in Addis Ababa when 
her precious treasures cut their heads open.

We finally all got ready for the day and off for breakfast.
A good buffet for the boys at the hotel -
they ate and ate!

Today we were anticipating our Embassy appointment at 1pm!
After Elijah's nap we went to Embassy 
and didn't finish until 4pm! 
It was an amazing experience to hear the clerk say,
"These boys are officially yours."
The tears began to fall - but since the boys had sat so nicely for 
4 hours they were off and running - so no time to get too misty eye'd about the whole thing.

Uncle JB and I decided we would celebrate that we passed Embassy with a 
pizza dinner at Lucy's! 
It was sooo good!
The boys loved their pizza!

Bedtime went well after a little attitude from "Big Mister"-
15 minutes of crying and then he let me cuddle with him as he fell fast asleep.
"Little mister" is a good sleeper and give sweet cuddles!

Day 3 in Texas!

100 degrees sounded like a great reason to hang out at the local splash park!
And the little kids agreed!

It was wonderful to just watch them play!

They were not over stimulated!

Didn't have to be corrected
or learn new rules.
They just had fun!!!

A great day for all of us!
 It is sooo good to have our boys home with us!


Kelley said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! What a blessing! The splash park looks like FUN!

Sherri said...

what a blessing! I miss taking Sam to the splash parks, he claims their for little kids and at 10 he's way to big. I love reading your posts and I look forward to even more.

Jay said...

Great pics, Jodi. Especially the one of Elijah with the TV remote. How did you manage to catch that unusual shot? I do miss those smiles!

Naomi said...

OK Jodi, these pictures are all wonderful, but I have to comment that you have caught the water in mid-air severasl times...I think a couple of times before you got the boys. It is so cool to see!

And if they already love pizza...they will have no trouble being here in America!

What great timing so you can have summer to introduce them to everything in Texas!

Jodi said...

@ Sherri - my big kids think they are too big too! But what a blessing these parks are for the littles!
@Jay - what??? you don't think I had to work hard to get that shot of Elijah! Hahaha!! Needless to say - he is learning not to push buttons on the remote at home - Conner and Jailyn are on that mission!
@ Naomi - I love water pictures!!! I just smile when I see water pictures! I have a lot to learn but I'm not giving up on getting that perfect shot!


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