Friday, May 6, 2011

Ethiopia Day 5

We sure slept well,
resting comfortably that Ethiopia says these precious guys 
are ours!

Since we had passed court we could now officially let the boys know that we were their daddy and mommy!
(Though they already knew)
When we were ready to leave them (on Day 4) we called them over from the other kids,
and the other kids started cheering for them -
"Photos! Photos!!"
Amazing how they know the routine.

Now on to Day 5-
We decided that we needed to do a little shopping,
our favorite shop is called Salem's Place.

This is more of a craft store where different artisans sell their products.
Some products are made on site and others are made by handicapped people in Ethiopia,
or come from the Fitsula Woman's Hospital and a HIV unit.

We were able to make a few purchases and order some others that they will have for us on our return trip! 
An excuse to go back and get more, I'm thinking!
shhhh don't tell Bryan!

After lunch we made it back to our beautiful boys!

  notice the boys bracelets? 
Kenzie made them for the whole family and the boys loved them!
One funny story - 
Elijah got mad at Dad 
so he grabbing at his bracelet to take it off.
I called him over to help him take it off
(knowing he would throw it and lose it)
He let me take it and went on with life - before we left for the day I held it up to him, 
asking if he wanted it.
He crawled over 3 kids to get to it! 
Smiles! Smiles!
He knew what the bracelet represented and being a 3 year old he was gonna show Daddy he was mad -
but in the end,
he's 3 and just wants to be loved and 
to belong to his own family.


Heather said...

I LOVE all your photos!! It makes me want to go back SOOO bad! I think we have some of the cutest boys in Ethiopia!!

Shonni said...

The story of the bracelet is brought tears to my eyes....
how precious their story is!!!
I want to go back....LOL


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