Saturday, May 7, 2011

Heavy Heavy Heart

Yesterday I received some very sad news.
This sweet little guy in China, 
on our agencies Waiting Child list 

died from a cold.

He was so close to having a family to hold 
him, comfort him, give him medicine for 
his cold.

Sweet, sweet Paul, I have to tell your story
so that your voice is heard! 

I'm heart broken that you never had a family of your own,
but thankful our Heavenly Father will hold you for eternity.


Shonni said...

Yes, you gave him a voice. Sweet baby!!! So sad..

Anita said...

Awww words.

Got on here to catch up with your time in Ethiopia, but I'm gonna have to do it when the kids are sleeping....too many interuptions already. UGH! I know you understand. Love ya!

Kat said...

My heart breaks...yet I am so thankful he rests and giggles now in the arms of Jesus.


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