Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ethiopia Day 4: Part II

After court, 
we rushed to our Guest house to change out of our fancy clothes,
notice no picture of that - 
guess I will never have proof that Bryan wore a tie. (tee!hee!)

We rushed to our boys to take some family photos!
As we drove into the compound we saw that
 Pilatos had a CU Buff's shirt on!
How cool!
(for those who don't know we are originally from Colorado
 and the Buff's are Bryan's favorite college football team.)

I swear the boys knew that today has some kind of significance - look at their smiles!
Bigger then ever!

When we had arrived all the kids were headed to their beds for nap,
our boys got to stay out with us as they had done all week since Sunday.
For a bitty 3 year old, who still needs his naps -
this is just too much -
so Elijah crawled up in my lap and settled in!

and Donovan and Dad went back to coloring like they did everyday.
Donovan loves his Daddy's one-on-one time!

We had a great afternoon!

When the other kids got up from their naps 
we were able to pass out some toys -
ohhh so fun!!! 

That evening a celebration was in order
 so we went with our friends,
 Mike and Heather, and Todd and Michelle to 
Habersham 2000.

They serve local cuisine and have an Ethiopian show 
of singing and dancing! 
It was amazing!!! 
It's hard to explain but anyone who is going to Ethiopia -
this is a MUST - GO!

Wow! What an emotional, beautiful, exhausting day!
Loved it!!!


Kim K. said...

Your photos are just breathtaking. Your boys are just so darn handsome. Your special show looks quite festive. Keep the pics coming from your special trip.

Alyson said...

The picture of you holding a sleeping Elijah brought tears to my can just see that those boys feel your love! They love their mom and dad!!

And I love the pics of the other kiddos on your cast...what a great idea!


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