Friday, March 18, 2011

Challenge- Part II

You may remember a few weeks ago when I asked y'all to take this challenge,
to print off a photo of a child in need of a family,
prayer for this child!
And let's watch God work!

Well, we have been praying for 
2 very special kiddo's


and Ben

and guess what!! 

We got word the other day, Abbie has a family!!!
Yahoo Jesus!

We haven't heard any news on Ben, 
but are continuing to pray for him diligently!

Abbie's photo will move to another section of our refrigerator
"Praying for her and her forever family"

and we will replace her photo under the section
"Praying for a forever family"
with sweet Bella

She was listed as "Elin" on Lifeline's Waiting Child list a while ago
and since has been with Small World Adoption
and once again, 
her file has been sent back to China 
and she is again on the shared list.

My friend Annie has information about her on her blog
and our Craniofacial surgeon has given information on her case to us too.
If you are interested in learning more of sweet Bella let me know.

If you haven't taken the challenge yet,
please do -
these precious children need your prayers!

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