Monday, March 7, 2011


Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday as I expressed how people just don't understand why we are open to adding to our family through adoption, 
and I would be lying if I said that it didn't hurt sometimes.
But, most days I most days I am able to turn my cheek and just tell God, "they just don't get it"
and go on with our life.

I am so thankful to be married to my hubby -
who, though we don't always agree on everything,
we do agree that God has given to us abundantly and we in turn need to give to others.

And we are so incredibly thankful to our beautiful children who also want to give to others.


The other day I was online looking at some "Waiting Child Lists" of orphans around the world.

Beautiful children who may have some imperfections and because of these imperfections they have been discarded, or have been the victim of poverty and their parents are unable to care for them.
I called Brady over to look at some of these pictures of these precious children, and I read to him some of their short stories and or descriptions.

Brady said to me,
"Mom, I don't know how you do it.
I don't know how you look at these kids all the time."

I was shocked and kinda wondered where this was going -
he continued,
"I would want to bring all of them home. 
I just can't look."

Brady's comment got me to thinking...
how often do we take the  - "I just wont look" approach?

I know they are there but...
 it's too painful for me,
because it makes me too uncomfortable,
because I'm not in the position to do anything.

I ask you to join me in a challenge - 

Take a moment to look at a orphan here or at one of these links -
print off of copy of his/her photo,
put that photo on your refrigerator,
pray for that child whenever you glance at the face.

What role does God want you to play in this child's life?

What can you do for this child?

Dream for this child - what does his/her future hold?
a loving adoptive family?
or a life in an institution - never told how beautiful she is?
never told what potential he has?

Here are some beautiful faces 
and here are some links to some agencies with many other waiting children!

Some more agency links:

Let me know if you have taken this challenge - 
I will be praying for you too.

And besides my boys that we are waiting for -
we have a photo of two waiting child -
we don't know if their family has found them yet or not -
but we will be praying specifically for their needs to be met now
 and for their future.

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Kat said...

This post made me smile. Praying for waiting children on Rainbow Kids is EXACTLY how we saw our sweet daughter for the first time! I will always pray for these children.


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