Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Faith of a child

This little girl of mine is funny!

 there have only been a few times in 2 years when she needed medicine.
She takes it fine -
but after she swallows she immediately says,
"It didn't work - 
my head still hurts."

We have had to try to explain to her that it may take some time for the medicine to work. 
So, every 5 minutes she gives us an update on how the medicine is doing. 
Tee! Hee!

Sunday, at church, our Pastor and an Elder brought our family up front to 
pray for our adoption situation and for all the children/families/governments who are involved.

After the wonderful prayer, and God holding us near -
we went back to our seats,
Jorja sat on my lap
and with confidence she whipsered to me,
"I know that you will be going to our 
boys on April *"
I asked her how she knew,
"She said, cause we prayed! 
And Pastor Brad says good prayers!"

I just love her faith!!

*no news on the Ethiopian front - so we are still planning our trip, praying everything goes as planned and can't wait to meet our boys! 


Kim K. said...

Such a sweet girl. Praying that your travel date approaches quickly.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. This just blessed my heart tonight. How wonderful that she has such faith. Beautiful. : )
I am praying for you tonight as I go to sleep!


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