Monday, January 17, 2011

Creative Juices were flowing

This weekend I was able to pull out my craft table 
and get busy on some projects that have been running through my head -
and I was finally able to bring them to life.
I hope you will like!

We are selling these 
8x10 Canvas' for $10 ( $3 shipping)

to help bring our little guys home!

Africa I

Africa II

China I

Thank you for helping us bring our boys home! 

And these Truly Blessed necklaces
for $5
($2 shipping)
made from the base of a scrabble piece,
ribbon cord tied to a toggle clasp.

Thanks for helping us! 


Jay said...

Love them! Maybe you need to send kids to Colorado more often! Sign me up for an Africa and a China canvas.

Jodi said...

Yeah Jay! It has been very quiet around here this weekend! And we were early for church - who knew an extra 4 people who can feed and dress themselves slow us down so much. Tee! Hee!
How bout a Guatemala canvas too, for your sponsor little guy? :)

Chris said...

Love the 'creative juices'!

I would like the China canvas and the necklace.

Let me know what what I need to do.


Jay said...

Sounds great, but then I need El Salvador as well.

Jodi said...

When is Uncle's day? :)


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