Sunday, January 23, 2011


What does the word "Matched" mean to you?

I often take a look at some Waiting Child Lists with our agencies.
I ache for these kids.
But then there are some who have a magical word next to their name   -

This is one of the sweetest words I know. 
To me it means that this child will experience the unconditional love of a family.
This child will be able to hope and dream.
This child will not go hungry.
This child will not be cold.
This child will learn to read.
This child will learn how to trust,
and most importantly 
this child will learn to love themselves for the beautiful creature God has made them to be.

Unfortunately, there are millions of children who aren't MATCHED.
They don't know how to love, trust or hope.

Please think and pray about what God wants you to do for these children who don't have that magical word next to their name.

Zachary - 2 years old (CHD)
($1,500 Grant available)

Joseph - 2 years old (scoliosis)
($1,500 Grant available)

Michael - 2 years old (CHD)
($1,500 Grant available)

Christopher - 1 1/2 years old 
(post operative Spina Bifida, umbilical hernia)
($1,500 Grant available)

For more information see:

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