Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I never knew...

I never knew the affect a smile has on me,
until I didn't see one on my son's face.

I didn't know how nervous I would be 
when every photo I received,
my son still couldn't find his smile.

I didn't know how worried I was that my 
boy was hurting so badly that he couldn't 
find any good around him. 

I didn't know how scared I would be 
wondering if he would give me that same lost look,
and not accept me.

It does a momma's heart good to wake up this morning to 
and email of my 5 year old boy 
smiling a genuine fun loving smile! 
Having fun with the children around him,
and playing with his brother, friends and a teenage white boy.

And a BIG, BEAUTIFUL smile he has!

Ohhhh!  It does a momma good!
(Now if we could get him out of those pink crocs and get him some pants that fit.)


Jay said...

No worries. I'm sure His fashion diva sister will make sure the fashion faux pas gets fixed soon enough! Can't wait to see the picture!

Jodi said...

Your right Jay! Jorja loves to go shopping for the boys!!! She is really learning the love of sharing and giving!

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I hope you can go meet him soon!

Anita said...

Oh Jodi!! I know what you are talking about....after having seen Kaleb's smile so early on and now no real smiles from him...it's hard on a waiting momma! HUGE blessing to have this new picture of him...all smiles and playing, too!! YAY!!


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