Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Early Birthday!

My "baby" boy will be 12 tomorrow!!!
and I.
(don't know if I can say it)

sniff! sniff! 
He is all grown up know and going on a ski trip 
with our Youth Group.

So yesterday we surprised him with a family celebration!

When he came home from school he
shared with me about his disappointing day 
and then

he saw his cake!!

and felt warm and cozy to be home
and loved for who he is!

Chocolate cake with powdered donuts!
Is there anything better in life?

Ohhh and a very unhealthy dinner of 
big ole', yummy
hot dogs!

After his soccer game we got to enjoy the cake!

Happy Birthday Freight Train!
(his newest nickname on the soccer field!)

Just cause this momma is sad today -
and misses my little boy!
This is from Conner's first ski trip when he was 4 years old!


Kim K. said...

How AWESOME is that cake!!! I hope he has a fabulous time on his ski trip. What a cool way to spend his 12th birthday!

Jay said...

Happy almost-your-birthday, CJ. I love you. Did you save me some cake?

Naomi said...

How fun! Great idea and it seems like it came on a day where he really needed a boost!

Now, a question from a lifelong New Englander....

How far does one have to go in TX to get to enough snow for a ski weekend? Do they manufacture the snow, or are there snowy places within a reasonable distance? Our church group is going tomorrow from MA to mid-NH (approx 3 hours).

Hope he has a wonderful time!!

Jodi said...

Well Naomi... they are traveling 16 hours to Colorado! Last year they went a bit closer 13 hours to New Mexico! Yes, it's a loooooong trip to go skiing!

Naomi said...

16 hours!!! That is amazing! I don't think any youth groups here ever consider such a trip (but what do I know)!!

If they are heading to CO, maybe Conner's uncle can meet him ON the slopes!

Anita said...

WOW!! Happy Birthday Connor! Hope you're enjoying that sweet ski trip, too! No broken legs now either. ;)


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