Friday, January 14, 2011

"Little kids youth group"

Jailyn was asking for a "little kids youth group".
She got tired of always taking the big kids to 
youth group and wanted something of her own.

So, they started going to an AWANA Club!
We love AWANA!

Jorja and Jailyn are loving it!

They are meeting new friends,
playing new games,
hearing Bible stories,
and learning Bible verses!

They earned their Spark vests last week for
saying John 3:16!

Go Girls!!


Kim K. said...

How awesome are they!!! Love those smiles.

Anita said...

WOOHOOO!! Yay girls! Keep up the wonderful Bible memorization. You will NEVER forget it either. So many other things I cannot remember, but all those verses and Books of the Bible I learned as a kid are still in there!! ;)

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Sarah, Philip and Thomas all did AWANA for a year. Then the American church that ran the program moved away. Great program...way to go girls!

Jay said...

Lookin' good you little Sparkies! Feel free to call Uncle Jay B to practice saying your verses!


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