Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet sweet news!!!

My dear friend Anna Marie's cousin, Devin, has been
in Ethiopia on a mission trip for almost 2 months.
Yesterday, Anna Marie received this part of the Facebook message from Devin!

This is sooo what this momma needed!
Thank you God, Devin, and Anna Marie!

... let me tell you... it is THE NICEST orphanage/halfway home I've ever seen! EVER! The baby beds are beautiful and the children are SO CLEAN and well taken care of! I was is absolute shock, it's so nice. There aren't many kids there, so they get tons of attention, and the older one's have the cutest little preschool room!!! I recorded them singing a song yesterday.

We are so glad to hear that the children at the care center are in such loving care.  
Our boys have already been through so much in their short lives! 
Ohhh we hope we get to see this video!
We did get new photos of the boys -
still neither of them are smiling - but they are posed pictures.
The boys probably had to stop playing to get their pictures taken -

who would be happy about that 

accept for this little cutie pa-tootie!

If you want to read another tear jerker -
about a boy who is waiting for his daddy!
Check Anita's blog out!

Grab the kleenex!


Kim K. said...

how reassuring that your boys are so well taken careof. Continued blessings.

Anita said...

I'm so glad we had a chance to chat yesterday and to hear how well the boys' "temporary" home is taking care of them. SOON they will be in their forever home with their momma and daddy...SOON and FOREVER!!

And for that sweet shout out about are a dear friend! Thank you again!!

Love ya!

Shonni said...

Yes, I know that it is so wonderful to hear news about where your babies are!!!


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