Wednesday, December 1, 2010

$50,000 at our finger tips!

My husband is the President and coach
of 3 teams of our
local soccer club,

Here in Texas, youth soccer is
a crazy sport!
Many Club teams with unbelievably high 
expectations for kids and parents.
Financial costs are high 
("high" like thousands of dollars a year)
and crazy practice times,
that leaves little time for family.

We began this youth soccer club 
a five years ago.
Our kids were growing out of the recreational division
and wanted to be challenged by playing club.
But, we were not excited about the 
expectations the local clubs offered.

So, we began MSC!
Volunteer coaches, and low costs to play.
We believe in family,
and love to share time with our club families 
on the pitch. (soccer field)

As the club grows,
we would love to have our own fields
for practice.
But, we don't want to charge parents the fees needed 
to make this happen,
so we have applied for a $50,000 grant from PEPSI!

We have this month to VOTE for MSC!
All we need is your help!
And all it takes is a click of the button,
on my side bar is the link to Pepsi
and a text every day!

Please help us help the kids and
families in our community.

Please join us! 
and text 
Pepsi @ 73774
add text 

Thank you so much! 

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Theresa said...

Go BLUE!!! woo hoo!


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