Monday, December 6, 2010

Adoption Fund raising

Many people have been asking me lately how our
fund raising is going,
and let me tell you that God is 
His AWESOME self 
and is providing for us!

Bryan is in the Naval Reserves.
This past year he made his 20 years.
We prayed and prayed if he should retire.
We were in fear that if he stayed in,
he may be called up for a year or
two of active service.
(Though we have done active service before -
we didn't have 5, almost 7 kids).

We passed over the chance to retire -
and Bryan was able to receive another paid position.
(this is not always the case at his level.)

Bryan's full time job has also been
asking requiring 15 hours over time a week.
Well, this has been increased week by week,
and thankfully this overtime is paid!
(again, not always the case!)

We are so thankful to God for his provision!

Brady also helps out!
At school they call him the "Candy Man"!
With permission from the school he 
walks around school with a backpack of candy 
and sodas.  
He donates $150- $200 a quarter to our adoption fund.
What a great big brother!


Kim K. said...

What an awesome son you have. That's truly amazing. Continued blessings to your sweet family.

Anita said...

I'm so glad you shared this....I had been meaning to ask you, too! Praising the Lord with you for all of His provisions!

Jay said...

Good job, Brady. Nice t-shirt, btw. Wonder what the temperature is today in Dubuque!


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