Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Acceptance

For the last almost 4 years we have loved on our precious Jailyn.

We have told her how beautiful she is.

We have encouraged her to be proud of herself.

Then there are times like today that scare me.

When I see my little girl growing up
and ready to move on, 
out from under my watchful eye.
In 9 short months she will be off to public school kindergarten.
We know that she is ready academically.

Will the other kids make fun of her
because her mouth looks a little different.
or because her voice is a bit airy.

We were able to attend a Christmas party thrown by
Jailyn's craniofacial surgeon.

We are so thankful that we have a wonderful 
surgeon who wants to get these beautiful kids together
and who believes in the whole child,
not just what is seen on the outside.

Hula Hoop contest!
(Jorja rocked it out for their age group!)

Santa was there with gifts!

Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of Jailyn and Dr. Fearon.
But Jailyn did say after the party,
that seeing Dr. Fearon was better then
seeing Santa!

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Y'all


Anonymous said...

What a precious little girls Jailyn is. Truly a gift from God. Just like Dr. Fearon.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a BEAUTIFUL child and an awesome doctor! I am a 2nd grade teacher and had a cleft palet student last year. One child did choose to pick on him once and that child was disciplined and assured that teasing anyone about anything would NOT be tolerated. Unfortunately kids can be cruel and will try to pick on each other about most anything. You just have to help her have a good self esteem and prepare her for handling teasing by laughing it off. My son has a physical deformity and middle school was tough but he weathered it and is stronger for it. Kids are pretty resiliant, especially Chinese survivors! Go ahead and start praying for her and she'll be fine. :)

Daisy Dreams said...

What a beautiful little girl Jailyn is. I do understand your's the worry I had and continue to have about my daughter, Bella. She wears hearing aids and does not speak well/clearly and is delayed..not on par with her peers. She does get teased. We talk all the time about what she can say and do to stand up for herself. It does hurt a mama's heart though....

Daisy Dreams said...

Wow! It's a small world!! I just came back to look at your blog again...I didn't even "pick up" on the fact that we're with the same agency! I REALLY like the "One Love" t-shirts...are you still selling them??

Anita said...

Right from your heart, Jodi! If only we could walk with them through it all...every moment. Take the hurt for them. No answers. Just understanding of your heart for your sweet Jailyn! HUGS!

Jodi said...

We do still have some love shirts.
2 in child large - (sizes 14-16)
8 in adult medium
10 in adult large
1 in adult XL

Naomi said...


I hope this is an encouragement to you. I find that sometimes young kids are blind to the differences that the loving and caring adults often see.

And if a child is the type to tease, they will find a reason to tease. If not for a physical element, then for a nickname or the color of the backpack. It is usually about the teaser wanting to feel superior.

That said, if Jailyn has a ready reply that is simply what she knows to be true, then her side of the potential issue will be done. If someone asks about her mouth, she can say "I had surgery on it, and my doctor was really nice to me".

Of course, it may not be that cut and dry, but every child has the potential to be teased about a myriad of things. From what I have learned about you and your family's heart, I believe that Jailyn will be well-equipped before she sets foot in the classroom!

Daisy Dreams said...

I definitely want 2 of the t-shirts. I don't see an email contact for you. Can you email me at celtichalo @ hotmail. com?


Jodi said...

Thank you Naomi! As a teacher I know that you see a lot of this. I just hate to see my sweetie loose any of her self-confidence because someone has not been taught to accept others just the way they are. Ohhh yes, how nice it would be to live in a perfect world. :) Knowing Jailyn she will not take any grief from anyone who tries to tease her. I'm thinking I may have to have a conference with both Jorja and Jailyn's teachers prior to school so that they can be prepared to help others understand differences. Any ideas? I have some books for little ones - maybe I should get some for their classrooms.
Thanks to y'all for your encouragement!

Naomi said...

The more the class can see, or hear about it, the less they will question.

Last year a student of mine had to wear a back brace. She started in my class in January so the kids did not already know her. She brought in the brace, let the kids look at it, touch it etc. Then she went and put it on (in the bathroom) and came back. They got to 'knock' on her back and see that she wasn't hurt or uncomfortable. The next day when she came in to class, we asked if she had the brace on, she said yes, and then things just went back to normal.

Is Jailyn's speech impacted? If so, then you could alert the teacher as to how certain words are pronounced by Jailyn.

Hopefully, the teacher would know to have some class participation verbal activities, so that Jailyn's speech can be heard in a friendly group setting, rather than just her having to repeat herself to someone who might not understand her first attempt.

And believe me, there will be other kids with speech curiosities, simply because of their age and development. Goes with the Kindergarten territory.

Naomi said...

Just remembered, my student also brought her X-rays, that showed her curved spine. The kids were fascinated and we all applauded several months later when she said her doctor said there was a good improvement from wearing the brace.

She is now in second grade and still wearing it, but truly the kids do not give it a second thought.

You are wise to be concerned and proactive. You won't be able to anticipate every possibility, but you already have her communication with you in place. I expect if she could meet with you and her teacher before school starts (early August, maybe) then the 3 of you can come up with a plan!


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