Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm in love!!!

Tonight I just received some more information
on our boys! 
I will be reading this information over and over again,
until we get to hold them!

And guess what?
they love soccer! 
and it sounds like Donovan is quite the little athlete.
I'm so thankful that though language may be a barrier,
we are a soccer family and hopefully 
they will be happy with all the time that 
we spend on the soccer field! 
(next Fall soccer season will be interesting with 6 teams 
in our family! - Can't wait!)
Donovan can count to 10 in English,
and 10 in Amharic.
Though Amharic is not their native tongue they 
are being schooled and loved on from the nannies
at the Care Center. 
Elijah is a cuddly guy! 
And has a dimple in his smile that can stop people in their tracks!
Heart breaker!

They are both quiet little guys, and cautious of who they open their hearts too.
Please pray with us that God will be preparing all of us.


Anita said...

Oh WOW Jodi!! Your post reminded me of Mary when it said she "treasured these things in her heart"!!! Isn't it amazing how the Lord weaves these children into our families so with the soccer? Praising with you for this blessing!

Shonni said...

How wonderful Jodi to get those little bits of info. on your boys! They sound perfect for your family.

Jodi said...

Anita - you are so right! I will treasure this information forever! The first real glimpse into our boys little selves! So precious - and they soooo need to be held and felt safe.

Kim K. said...

How wonderful to get additional information on your sons. I'm so happy for you. I remember treasuring every little tidbit while we were waiting to travel for Josie.


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