Saturday, November 6, 2010

Orphaned No More

This face breaks my heart
this photo was taken at a birthday party for her best friend,
I'm sure she was wondering why she didn't get a 
birthday cake (paperwork baby - we were not
allowed too).
this face brings such joy!
 Jorja completed her first season of soccer! 
We were blessed with a wonderful coach
and was incredibly excited to receive her very own 
A tangible item to remind her of how
special she truly is. 


Kim K. said...

Tissue alert needed. Such precious pictures. Hugs!

Naomi said...

Wow! Great contrast. I probably will never unerstand the need for as much paperwork as exists in this world, but am so glad that our God is bigger than paperwork, red tape and endless waiting.

Hi timing is perfect.

She is beautiful...then and now!


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