Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lonely Days

Though our house is seldom quiet, 

it can still be lonely.

And today has just been one of those days.

But, no matter - my loneliest day
is nothing compared to the life
others are forced to lead.

Can't wait to see 
some friends of like mind 
on Sunday.

Sunday is Orphan Sunday.
A special day when many churches 
spread awareness for the orphan
and present why we are called to
take care of them.

Take the time to look for a church 
near you who is raising awareness.
Check out 

I will have tissues with me all day on Sunday.
I know it will be an emotional day.
As I think of where our little girls 
and little boys would be today,
had we not heeded God's call.

Click here to see what happens to 
the majority of 163 million orphans 
who will never feel the joy of -

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