Monday, November 8, 2010

Just what the Doctor ordered!

There's just some times in life
when I just feel
bit run down,
or maybe it's more like
run over. 

And then God blesses me
with an opportunity to 
see His love!

And yesterday was one of those days.

We usually are over committed with things to
do on Sundays,
but this Sunday our calendar was wide open! 
No commitments! 

So we decided to spend Orphan Sunday with 
some friends! 
Connie and Anita and their families!
Connie and her hubby, Clayton were guest speakers
at Mark and Anita's church.
So we invited ourselves along for the day! 
Cause that's how we roll! 

We had a great time,
enjoying each other,
worshipping our risen Savior and
praying for the orphan!

The Mamma's and their babies -
only 8 were missing! 
Mark and Anita have 3 other kiddo's and waiting the arrival of
sweet Kaleb!
Clayton and Connie have an older son, and waiting the arrival of
precious Kasidi Joy!
and we are awaiting our 
What a fun group this will be next year with our kiddo's home!

And the momma's

so this is more what we looked like all day!

The men had fun too - 
Bryan was no where to be found during photo time
(I think he took over the Wii while the kids were busy)
and Mark and Clayton did a great job as our
photographers! -
Thanks guys!


Anita said...

Jodi - I am SOOO glad you "roll" like that and rolled right up to see us! We had so much together and can't wait until we are all together again! I LOVE that pic that Clayton snapped of us too...may just have to go back and add it to my post! HA!!

Love ya! Give your kiddos hugs from us!

Shonni said...

Looks like a wonderful day!

Kim K. said...

How fun that you could all get together. Such great pictures. I've been following Anita because her daughter and Josie share the same heart condition. What small worlds.

connie said...

Oh, Jodi, it just makes me smile to see the pictures of yesterday! We had a BLAST, didn't we!!!!


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