Saturday, November 13, 2010

More kids = new chore list!

okay, so our boys aren't home yet -
but wont this make them feel like part of the family
when they come home to 
share in the family chores? 

Okay, their chores wont be too difficult 
but I sure needed a new idea to remind
the kiddo's of their chores!
(not sure how they forget - 
they have had the same chores

I need more spacers for more
I grabbed all the that they had at the 
local craft store!

(sorry, I remembered to cover the boys photos -
but boy oh boy,
do they look like each other!!!)

Hope y'all have a great day enjoying your family
and getting your chores done!


Naomi said...

What a GREAT idea! The boys will feel included and a part of the family to already see their faces where the other kids are!

I am guessing that having a
chore(s) to do every day will help them with attachment and a sense of belonging. From reading your blog for a while now, I feel like any and all of your kids will happily and gently guide them in the transitions!

Kim K. said...

Great idea! I filled 2 trash bags and 2 recycle bins today when I cleaned my craft/junk closet. I've been doing my chores. Hugs!!


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