Sunday, November 14, 2010

What else can I do?

The month of November is National Adoption Month,
and November 7th was
Orphan Sunday.

This month has hit me hard.
An emotional path that I didn't know 
I was headed down, until I got hit 
in the gut! 

What really am I doing?

Where is my passion?

Who is the love of my life?

Does my heart break for 
what breaks God's heart?

And what does God want me to 
with all this emotion? 

Sooo what - 
we've been blessed with three biological kiddo's 
whom I couldn't be more proud of -
they are making wonderful choices
and am so thankful God has intervened and made
right my poor parenting skills.

We have adopted two beautiful girls from China.
God has changed our hearts forever through 
these two little girls.

We are looking forward to arrival of 
two precious brothers! 
Praying that God is preparing us and them
for their arrival.

there is so much more to be done! 

The newest statistics say that there
163 million orphans worldwide.

We are asked often if we will be done
after our boys come home...
I pray that we will never be "done".

But, I must admit -
I am asking God what else we can do
to help!

Pray with me this week as we look at different things
that everyone can do to help the 


Naomi said...

Hi Jodi,

I sent a link to your regular email about an organization that gives a home environment to children in need around the world who cannot be adopted. The organization creates a home for up to 10 children and 'parents' who raise the children in their own land.

It is Christian and looks really wonderful.

That may be an encouragement to your heart today!

Kat said...

This hit me hard, because I have been thinking the same thing from a little different place. We have three biological blessings and four adopted blessing (2 coming home four months ago). Recently, I had my birthday and I watched our Russian sons adoption video again (2003)...and all the children there just hit me again. I find myself asking God to guide us. Are there more children out there that are our children? What do we need to do? It's hard not putting my wants or spin on things. Beautifully written blog...totally get it.

Anita said...

WOW Jodi! This IS the week to be in prayer, isn't it?? I heard from another mom at church today how she was sooo impacted with last week's Orphan Sunday service. We keep sharing God's heart with all those who will listen and keep our hearts open to HIS! HUG!


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