Friday, November 12, 2010

The Sun'll come up tomorrow!

Conner is in his acting debut 
next week!
Annie Jr
Yesterday some of the cast did a sneak peek
for the school!

Isn't he dashing?

Sooooo proud of the work he has put 
in to this musical!

I must admit,
I teared up when the orphan actors
sang 'The Hard Knock Life'
Jailyn and Jorja were dancing around!
They truly have known the hard knock life!
Do you think Conner's Drama teacher would
mind if I had made a display table 
about the 
163 million orphans worldwide?


Jay said...

Such a handsome man you are, CJ. Wish I could be there for the show. Break a leg!

Anita said...

He absolutely looks dashing momma!! :) I loved it when my kiddos were in such things...makes ya proud! :)

Kim K. said...

How fun! He's definitely a handsome fella. I wonder how he and Emma might do on stage together...hee hee.

Brad and/or Bree Banks said...

Wish we could see him in the show! Please ask about the table display... it couldn't hurt and might open the eyes of some to the many kids in need...



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