Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gonna take a minute...

to share with y'all about my Conner.  I know that we have discussed some of his sensory issues, and that we pulled him out of 4th grade to be home schooled (times were just rough for him!), and that he went back to public school for 5th grade. And though 5th grade wasn't a bed of roses - it was better then 4th grade.  He was making better choices, he was accepting himself and accepting others for themselves too.

But boy, oh, boy!  We anguished all summer whether to send him to middle school or go back to home schooling for the middle school years.  Knowing that middle school can be rough on any kid, but one with Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder, oh man!  Things could be rough!

Because we were home schooling Jorja and Jailyn this year, and I know my limitations. We asked Conner to try middle school at least for a quarter.  And then we would talk again.
He was good with that.

This boy has brought tears to my eyes more times then I can count this year.  The good kind of tears!  He has grown up so fast - since August! 
We have been blessed with a wonderful counselor at school that wants to see him succeed and is willing to put up with Mom :).  He has some great teachers who have been willing to listen to his needs and who are willing to not just put him in a "box".  They are willing to meet him where he is at.
He tried out for a part in the school musical, and got a part!  He is loving rehearsals and learning about Theater!

Being in Middle school now, Conner was eligible youth group, RUAH, this year. He loves youth group!  He gets upset with the other kids are not taking the lesson part seriously. (Remember, Conner was the class clown when he was in an uncomfortable situation.) 

And, at lunch in a public school - his love for his Savior will not be quenched! 
The second week of school he came home and shared with me what he was doing at school.
"Mom, I started a Youth Group at school?"
"At lunch, I have designated a table as our RUAH table."
"Really???? What do you do at lunch?"
"Well, this week I brought Bible verses, and we go over them and discuss what they mean to us, and how we need to change to become what God wants us to be."
At this point I am floored!!!!
Wow! My guy who hates to be different then anyone else, afraid to be made fun of for anything - is putting himself out there, in a public school, for God to be seen by others.

What a radical middle schooler I have!!!
Warms a momma's heart! 
So thankful that Conner is not only searching for what he wants to do in life, but he is asking God what He wants Conner to be.


Jay said...

Go CJ! Your parents aren't the only ones so proud of you! "Therefore, my dear brothers (and nephew!), stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

Anonymous said...

What a blessing and such a special boy COnner is.


Shonni said...

That is wonderful! You must be so proud of him!

Anita said...

OH WOW Jodi!! I'm in tears now too and can't wait to meet Connor!! (did I spell it right?) I have SOOO often seen it recently that the kids who have struggled in ways like him are the ones who have this unquenchable spirit about them for the Lord. I fully expect him to be used mightily as he gives the Lord first place in his front of his friends at school....and in ways that only He will be able to be used. Praising Jesus with you for your incredible son!!

Naomi said...

Here are some tears from MA!

What an example to all of us!

Kim K. said...

You must be so proud. What an amazing young man.


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