Friday, October 22, 2010

Another BIG day!

Thank you for sharing in our 
overwhelming excitement as 
we now prepare for our sons arrivals!

I am a bit computer challenged this weekend 
as I spent 15 hours in the
'swagga wagon'
(the kids name for our vehicle)
with a 21 year old, Brady and 2 other teenagers,
2 peanuts 
(Jorja and Jailyn)!

We set out early yesterday,
driving to Dubuque Iowa 
for the big kids to spend the weekend visiting

While the big kids enjoy their weekend,
myself and Jorja and Jailyn have
an exciting weekend too! 

Jorja doesn't know if yet,
but in a few hours she will be
reunited with her BFF from China.
They live a few hours from here, 
and are coming to see us! 

We are soooo thankful that we are able to 
get the girls together!
I am praying for a great day and lots of fun memeories,
and that this will give Jorja
some closure on some of her 
emotional suffering.

Have a great day! 
I promise I will give you more information
about how we found our 
boys very soon! 

Thank you all for your sweet comments
and emails!


Kim K. said...

Have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for more updates!!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

So is this an "official college visit" for B? I guess that is in our immediate future as well! have you ever heard of Asbury in KY?

Anita said...

Ah man....wish I knew you were headed up sis lives in Iowa!! :) Hoping LOTS of fun for everyone!!


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