Saturday, October 2, 2010

A dream come true!

One career day,
years ago,
Kenzie dressed up as a face painter!

One time she had to go to the local
Children's Hospital for some tests.
They always give cool gifts to the kids -
her pick was a box of
face paints!

Well, her dream has become
a reality!

And she is getting really good at it!

Join us for our One Love Concert! 
Kenzie will be there with her
paints and many more designs!
Unable to attend, but still want to be a huge part
in helping us bring our boys home -
you can use the 'chip in' on our side bar.

Also, please pray with us that God will use
this evening to His glory!


Kim K. said...

I love your sweet girls and their face paints. Josie would LOVE to have a rainbow on her face. Best wishes with your concert! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

OK Jodi -- what / when did I miss? BoyS? As in plural? Are you looking for a "sibling group"? How DID I miss this little tidbit? said...

Hi! My name is Whitney Pratt, and I am dear friends with Andi Bleakley. I was at her baby shower today, and met several ladies who told me about you and your family! We are an adoptive family as well, living in the McKinney area. We met and brought home our Ethiopian son in Dec! I am so excited to hear about your family's journey to your 2 sons!! So excited to hear about more Ethiopian boys in the area! I am hoping to attend your concert event on Friday, if I can do a bit of rearranging of my schedule. Feel free to email me and our blog is

Anita said...

LOVE the face paint Kenzie!! BEAUTIFUL! You're gonna make a lot of little ones happy campers on Friday night! :) Praying it's a glory night to the Lord, Jodi!!


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