Friday, October 1, 2010

She has changed us!

In so many ways this precious little girl 
has changed our hearts and minds forever!
(2nd birthday)

When she entered our life, 
we had no idea of where she would take us.

We knew we wanted a little sister - 
but we never imagined the world that she would open to us!
(3rd birthday)

Before we met Jailyn,
I found a picture of her on our orphanage yahoo group website, 
the person who took it commented, 
"I don't know who's daughter this is - 
but, she is an amazing, sweet girl, 
and someone is going to be very blessed."   
This gentlemen was so true!!! 

Jailyn has not opened our hearts to love on her - 

but she inspired us to bring home Jorja too!

And now two more little guys!
(4th birthday)

She has brought us closer as a family. 
She has brought us closer to our God.
She has inspired us to speak for those who have no voice.

To look beyond a persons appearance,
but to take the time to get to know a persons heart!

She has a special gift that touches everyone she meets!

She is our sunshine!

And she had a wonderful 5th birthday! 
Thank you for your birthday wishes!
And for those who got phone calls from her - 
thank you for humoring her,
she just couldn't wait for y'all to call her - 
she had to take control of the situation!

I love this girl!!!


Shonni said...


Kim K. said...

I love all the past pictures. How much fun to see all the changes. Continued birthday blessings!!

Anita said...

Happy Birthday sweet one! They absolutely change our lives in ways no one else understands. It takes you to heaven and back again and then you're ready to take the leap of faith again and again! :)


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