Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

"I love you! I love you!
I love you!
Mommy, I love to tell you that I love you!

I love this girl so much! 

Unfortunately, this was not always our story.
Yes, I loved her for the beautiful child she is,
we had a hard time bonding. 

The last year and a half have been
tiring, frustrating,
sometimes maddening and
very emotional -
tears shed daily
for every one involved.

Bringing a child into your home,
who has never known a home or a family
can be incredibly difficult.

This child had been hurt beyond 
anything I can imagine.
After years of fighting every one in
her little world,
just to survive -
makes family life a very difficult 
And the things we ask of her,
she just can't believe we would EVER 
expect out of her -
like waiting her turn,
not needing to compete for everything.
But, God has been so good to us!
He has taught us to lean on Him.
Many hours of the day have been
spent on our knees
asking for guidance 
of how to parent Jorja.
Today, Jorja loves being a huge part
of our family.
I wish I had a video of how she reacted
when Conner's team won their 
championship game this weekend.
She was cheering for him,
and had the biggest smile,
and most excited laughter
then I have ever seen from anyone! 
It was pure joy!
Pure joy for her brother! 
Unselfish joy!
I actually thought, this is the smile I will
have when I meet my Savior!
It was just beautiful!
Again, tears came to my eyes.
Not out of fear or frustration,
but out of joy
that my daughter can be excited
for someone else,
and is secure enough in her
family that she can feel that 
pure joy!
For anyone reading this who is struggling
with the bonding
please don't give up.
Get down on your knees and ask for
God to carry y'all through.
Be consistent in what you are asking of 
your child.
All children want rules,
even children who fight every rule you ask
them to obey.
Control is a hard thing to give up,
especially to people that you don't trust.
Explain to them that they are in control,
they can choose to disobey and receive consequences 
or they can choose to obey and 
have fun with the family.

Jorja told me last night before bed,
"In morning, I choose to obey
and be happy 100 times,
cause I love you!"
Does it get better then that?

I am Truly Blessed  to have been called 
to adoption,
and to be Jorja's mommy!


Share with us how God has Truly Blessed you!


Kim K. said...

What a beautifully written post. Such a special little girl. Thank you for keeping it real. Hugs!

Kat said...

I love this post. I love how far you've come as a family and I love the honesty that you use to share that attachment isn't always easy.

Shonni said...

What a precious testimonies to the healing power of the LORD and family.
She is beautiful, but mostly, you can see her changing and becoming more of the happy little girl that the LORD made her to be! Just precious, friend, just precious


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