Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As many of you remember Brady, Kenzie and Uncle JB 
went on a mission trip to Guatemala last year.
They served the families of 
and villages and orphanages in Zacapa.
Though the kids really wanted to go again 
this year, 
we really felt God telling us "no".
The kids were so disappointed but accepted the 
our decision, and found peace with where
God has asked them to serve this summer.

In the last week 
Guatemala has been hit with many 
natural disasters -
 On Thursday, Pacaya volcano, 
located just 20 miles from Guatemala's capital city,
erupted, unleashing a cloud of ash over the city. 
Then on Saturday, Tropical Storm Agatha, 
the first storm in this year's Pacific hurricane season,
slammed the country, 
heaving three feet of rain on Guatemala
Mud slides have destroyed many
homes and bridges.
Because of the Volcano eruption
there is fear of more flooding due to the 
volcanic ash clogging the 
drainage systems.

The team that our family was 
apart of last year will be changing their 
mission and will be focusing on 
humanitarian aide.
It has been reported that the team will be ministering 
to 5 villages that have been wiped out.
The team is gathering supplies,
clothing, household items (pots, dishes, candles, etc),
hygiene items are badly needed.
Cash donations are also a need, 
the team will buy water and food for these people.
This is an incredible opportunity for substantial relief,
nothing is too small - 
just a few dollars can feed a family rice and beans for days.

So, if anyone would like to
purchase some of these needed items,
by Sunday, June 13th.
Locally, I can come pick items up from you,
if you are a distance away
and you would like to mail some things,
feel free to email me and I will
give you my address.

And most of all please pray for this team
as they minister to the people of Guatemala,
and for the people of Guatemala.
Also, a bloggy friend, Shonni,
her parents and niece are there now.
Please pray for them!

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Shonni said...

Thank you so much Jodi!!!! Loves,


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