Monday, May 31, 2010

Another weekend another soccer tournament...

I promise we don't have tournaments every weekend,
but when you are the little siblings,
it just might feel like it! 

But they do keep themselves 
fairly well entertained.

Having to be the observer of at least four 
games a day,
in the Texas heat,
there is nothing better then 
keeping oneself cooled off with a
squirt bottle! 

or squirting someone else is even more fun!

I think brother could use a squirt! 

Getting his game face on!
(look at that sweat and he's only
watching Kenzie's team!)

Of course, 
the girls decide to wait for the right moment
to work Mom over...

Conner's team is in the championship game,
tied 1-1,
going into the second overtime,
98 degrees outside,
We have Mom primed! 

She gave in and bought us a $4.00 

(to be shared three ways!)

The Championship is won!
In shoot outs!
Conner was goalie!!! 
All his team mates made their shots!
And Conner saved the last needed shot from
the other team!!!

Trophies past out!

Celebrating commenced!

Nothing better then going home to the neighborhood pool
and cooling off!

All in all a good day for everyone
Kenzie's awesome team came in 3rd! 
Conner's team fought hard for 1st!
and we had a fun day hanging out,
sweating together! 


Jay said...

Yahoo! Congratulations CJ and Kenzie. Wish I was there to see the games! And to squirt your sisters.

Kim K. said...

Congratulations on surviving all those soccer tournaments in that HEAT! I think MI inherited some of your Texas heat last week. You can keep it! We're definitely not used to it. Happy Tuesday!


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